Lotto 'Action Lotto'

Lotto 'Action Lotto'
Lotto 'Action Lotto'
Lotto 'Action Lotto'

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Contents: 6 worksheets (21 × 30 cm), 54 cards made of thick cardboard (9 × 6 cm) with colourful pictures.
Objectives: to help early and preschool children expand their vocabulary while recognizing actions related to their environment and answering to the questions in full sentences. They will also learn to communicate and cooperate with each other. Activities: it is recommended for an adult to run the game. Each time when a child picks and draws a card, ask him: ‘What is that?’, ‘What he or she is doing? ‘, etc. In order to hear correctly pronounced names of the characters and actions we picked basic words that are used in every day life. Players share worksheets, and decide who is the first to pick a card. Children pick cards and describe what they see. If they pick a card with a picture that is on their worksheet, after answering correctly they can put it on the worksheet and keep it there. If not, they keep this card while other player asks for it. The winner of the game is the one who fills his worksheet with the corresponding cards first. Number of players: 2 – 3 children.
Age: recommended for 3 – 7 years old children.
Game authors: speech therapists dr. Vilma Makauskienė, Eglė Buraitienė, Daiva Kiškienė.

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