Set of cards 'Ecology Lessons'

Set of cards 'Ecology Lessons'
Set of cards 'Ecology Lessons'
Set of cards 'Ecology Lessons'

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Contents: 24 cards made of thick (1,4 mm) cardboard (85 × 85 mm).
Objectives: to help children develop their ecological consciousness: teaching rational using and saving of natural resources; introducing ways of recycling; teaching how to create a sequential story.
Description: you can create 6 different and consistent stories with 4 cards in each. Children friend and a wise teacher - Fox BONI appears in every story. He reminds them how they should behave and that it is crucial to save natural resources and reduce planet pollution.
The main plotlines:
• Water saving. A girl who is having a bath is asked to use water cautiously. And for watering plants she is suggested to use collected rain water.
• Energy saving. A boy falls asleep but then is wakened and asked to turn off all needless electrical devices. Boy is encouraged to find out more about renewable energy production.
• Sorting of food packages. A boy is cleaning after party so you can help him to recycle different food packages properly. Also, encourage him to participate in environmental cleaning and find more about different recycling options.
• Paper recycling. A girl has tons of old newspapers and books in her room which she doesn’t read anymore. You can suggest her to share books with others, collect waste paper and make some recycled products of them.
• Second-hand clothes. A girl intends to throw away her old clothes. Instead of that you suggest to give them away for those who really need it, or keep them and reuse for needlework.
• Ecological transport. A boy arrives at school with a car which is old and in bad repair condition. You can suggest boy to ride a bike instead of car, find out more about electric cars.
Age: 3 – 6 years old children.

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