Game 'Ema's Teeth Stories'

Game 'Ema's Teeth Stories'
Game 'Ema's Teeth Stories' Game 'Ema's Teeth Stories' Game 'Ema's Teeth Stories'
Game 'Ema's Teeth Stories'

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Contents: 15 cardboard cards (85 x 85 mm) with coloured pictures on them and 6 embroidered tooth-shaped cushions-toys (white felt and loose filling; dimensions 110 x 90 mm).
to develop proper skills of oral hygiene in a creative way, encourage a child to create a story, develop logical thinking and observation skills.
In the colourful box you will find cards with pictures and tooth-shaped cushions toys.
Discuss with a child what objects are drawn and which situations with a character are shown. Examine the tooth-shaped cushions, depicting two healthy teeth, two slightly decayed crusty teeth, and two rotten aching teeth. Things which are depicted on the cards and a certain child’s behaviour with them have an influence on the state of the teeth – teeth are healthy or rotten.
The point of the game is to choose a suitable cushion-tooth for a selected card /cards. After making a choice and having a discussion, the cause & effect relationship is perceived and personal experiences are discussed. Playing with cards and soft, playful cushions, which massage fingers, helps a child to remember situations more easily and maintain attention for longer periods of time. Cushions-toys can be used for other plot games as well. Manual contains 12 card sequence tasks.
Age: 3 – 7 years old children, children with special needs.

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