Lotto 'Odd One Out'

Lotto 'Odd One Out'
Lotto 'Odd One Out'
Lotto 'Odd One Out'

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Contents: 8 worksheets (210 x 300 mm), 32 cards (85 x 85 mm) made of thick cardboard (1,4 mm) with images of various objects on them.
Objectives: to encourage children to recognize various objects; to teach to find relevant objects, while basing on logical relations; to teach generalized conceptions.
Activities: first of all talk with child about the depicted objects on the cards, and about purposes of each of them. Examine the worksheets. Each of it has got an image on one of its background (garden, orchard, forest, sky, wardrobe, room, worktable, and orchestra). The images on the worksheets help to relate images on cards, as well as to apply common/generalized conceptions (vegetables, fruit, forest animals, birds, clothes, furniture, tools, and musical instruments). 4 places for cards are in corners of each worksheet. There should be laid out only cards that belong to the appropriate group (e.g. 4 vegetable cards should be put on the garden worksheet: potato, cucumber, cabbage and tomato). As soon as all the cards have been laid out onto the worksheets the game is finished.
Additional activities: try to remember and tell more objects that are relevant to each group; make sentences and stories; play the game in pairs and compete for that who will lay out the cards onto the worksheets faster; lay all the cards in front of you with the images upside-down, pull them out, choose those which you need, and while calling the images on them or telling what object you miss, exchange them. etc.
4 pictures are depicted on the other side of each worksheet. Only 3 of them fit into one group – the forth one is odd-one-out image (e.g.: images with potato, cucumber and cabbage belong to the group of vegetables. As the forth image is cherry that does not belong to the group, it is an odd-one-out). This kind of game encourages child to be attentive and search for the right answer.
Number of players: 1 – 2 children.
Age: 3 – 7 years old children; children with special needs.

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