Educational Game 'Magnetic Numbers'

Educational Game  'Magnetic Numbers'
Educational Game  'Magnetic Numbers' Educational Game  'Magnetic Numbers'
Educational Game 'Magnetic Numbers'

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Contents: 172 magnetic cards – thick (2 mm), especially easy to take into hands, durable:
- Numbers from 0 to 9 are depicted on 100 of the cards (20 x 20 mm) (10 cards with each number), and arithmetical signs (+ / – / = / < / >/ : / x) are depicted on 30 of the cards;
- Colourful and playful pictures and stylized numbers are depicted on 42 of the cards (30 x 30 mm).
- 1 dry-wipe pen with cap-mounted eraser. The pen has got a magnet to adhere to magnetic board surface.
- Box (310 x 210 cm) with openable cover whose inside is useable as dry-erase graph board – child can write and lay out the cards on it.
Objectives: the aid is suitable for developing math skills such as knowing the numbers, noticing
connections between numbers and amount, acquiring counting and calculating skills: operations of
subtraction and addition, getting acquainted with operations of division and multiplication, comparing
numbers. The aid will also be suitable for developing language skills: naming the depicted animals,
connecting them with their typical food, naming the amount with a number in words.
Activities: the magnetic cards may be laid out in various orders on a surface of the dry-wipe graph board inside the cover. The frames of the graphs are as big as the magnetic cards with numbers. The colourful cards with smiles are suitable for evaluating the activities and their results. The colourful stylized numbers will vary exercises, besides it will be easier for child to remember the numbers if he will compare the numbers that are provided in many forms. The playful pictures with animals and their food will vary the calculating tasks – while calculating child will create short stories. Child can write numbers, signs and answers with the dry-wipe pen on the board, and wipe off the incorrect answers.

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