Set of Cards 'Pets'

Set of Cards 'Pets'
Set of Cards 'Pets'
Set of Cards 'Pets'

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Contents: 24 cards made of thick (1,4 mm), cardboard (85 x 85 mm) with coloured and black-and-white pictures on them.
Objective: to encourage a child to learn about pets, develop observation skills and a sense of responsibility, teach children to take care of those who are weaker than themselves. The tool is intended for lessons of natural science, language development and fine arts.
Colourful images of pets (dog, cat, guinea pig, hamster, rabbit, turtle, fish, canary, lizard and parrot) are depicted on 10 cards.
The drawings are realistic and remind of images of real animals and their fur colour.
Black-and-white drawings of pets environment (aquarium, cage, terrarium, mat, toy, leash, etc.) appear on the other ten cards.
A child has to find appropriate pairs of cards, i.e. a card with a black-and-white drawing of an appropriate environment must be chosen for a card with a pet (fish - aquarium). Fragments of coloured drawings of animals can be found on the other side of cards with environment drawings. This makes it easier for children to find a suitable cage for a particular pet. 
Black-and-white drawings appear on both sides of a generalizing card: home environment where pets live is depicted on one side and a child taking pets outside for a walk is shown on the other side. Drawings are used for grouping cards with pets according to their care type: one group consists of animals which need to be taken outside and the other group includes animals which usually stay inside. A black-and-white drawing of a child’s room can be found on the last card which reminds us that pets must have their own space and separate territory at home and that it is not advisable to keep several pets in one room where a child is resting and learning.
Age: 3 – 6 years old children, children with special needs.

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