Lotto 'Logo Zoo'

Lotto 'Logo Zoo'
Lotto 'Logo Zoo' Lotto 'Logo Zoo' Lotto 'Logo Zoo'
Lotto 'Logo Zoo'

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Contents: 6 different game boards (21x30 cm, made of cardboard), 54 durable, easy-to-take cards with images of drawn animals on them (5cmx5cmx1,8 mm).
Number of players: 1 – 6.
Objectives: to develop straight thinking, observation and attention skills. To learn differentiate colours, size and amount.
Tasks: different graphic signs and the background colour of each board signify the kind of task. The cards must be grouped and laid onto corresponding plots according to:
1. size of the depicted animal – both in ascended and in descended order (pink background);
2. colours of animal (green background);
3. amount of the animals (yellow background).
- The cards should be grouped according to the colours on their backs (pink, green, yellow).
- While laying the cards onto the white plots, the player fills the game boards.
- The way of laying thecards onto the plots is shown in the left column and upper row of the game board.
- Several players can compete with each other trying to fill the plots as fast as they can. When competing in pairs, the players can try to fill the game boards of the same kind but of different levels.
-  When working only with the cards in children groups, the cards may be grouped according to various indications.
Age: 3 – 6 years old children.

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