Set of Cards ‘Emotions of the Moment’

Set of Cards ‘Emotions of the Moment’
Set of Cards ‘Emotions of the Moment’
Set of Cards ‘Emotions of the Moment’

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Contents: 20 cards made of thick (1, 4 mm) cardboard (8, 5 x 8, 5 cm) with coloured pictures on them.
Objectives: to understand child's emotions, to encourage him/her to express emotions in a constructive way, to develop his/her imagination and language skills.
The set is suitable for psychologists, special pedagogues, social workers, pedagogues who work with 3 – 11 years old children, and for foreign language teachers. Having examined the drawn animals on the flashcards (expressions on their faces, gestures and attitude) a child tries to recognize and tell different kinds of emotions. The recognized emotions will help the child to speak about his/her own experience and feelings, analyse and tell about various situations when he/she usually feels gloomy, smiles, yawns etc.
The cards may be used to encourage a child to copy the emotions he/she sees, and analyse the possible causes (and solutions) to each appropriate emotion.
The material may be effectively used in foreign language lessons to acquire adjectives that describe feelings.
The following emotional states are depicted on the cards:  surprised, brave, bored, sad, proud, lost, focused, ashamed, frightened, disgusted, angry, contemptuous, dreamy, full (up), happy, furious, drowsy, derisive, shy, and thoughtful.

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