Set of Cards ‘Wrong Tool’

Set of Cards ‘Wrong Tool’
Set of Cards ‘Wrong Tool’
Set of Cards ‘Wrong Tool’

Product Code: 003945
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Contents: 24 cards, methodological recommendations.
Dimensions: 85 x 85 mm, thickness 1,4 mm.
- to encourage child to speak;
- to create a story;
- to develop child’s logical thinking and observation skills.
Description: on 24 cards there are depicted pictures of different kind of works (8 cards), work environment (8 cards), and working tools (8 cards). As the work in the pictures is being carried out by using a wrong tool, child is being encouraged to search for the cards with correct tools. That provoke him/her to be alert, make questions (e.g. Is firewood really chopped with a rake?), make logical conclusions, and create sequential stories as answers to the asked questions.

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