The game is suitable for testing and developing child`s alertness, vocabulary, straight thinking, ability to create narration and to base his/her opinion. The game is suitable both for learning about working tools, and verbs.
It is positively, that the way of laying out the cards may be various: they can be used in pairs (e.g. working tool – working environment), or by three (e.g. work – the appropriate working tool – working environment). Also the order of the cards may be changed according to that what the pedagogue wants to pay the biggest attention to.
Positively is also that all actions may be shown by movements, or linked with nouns (e.g. you can lock with a key; you can cut with a saw; you can dig with a shovel etc.). That all make the educational process more interesting.

Speech therapist Guna Slavinska
(Tested during work activities with autistic child)