The cards are good support in acquiring prepositions, counting (a pedagogue/ speech therapist can ask e.g.: Of how many blocks is the tower built?), geometrical shapes (e.g.: What kind of shapes is the tower built of?) and colours (e.g.: Which colours do you see in the picture?). By work with the cards, a child learns to build correct sentence constructions and develops his/her skills to listen attentively and answer the questions.
Pieces of advice:
‘In my opinion the work with cards is more exciting and successful if the set is used together with Wooden Blocks (002238)’, tells the speech therapist Guna Slavinska.

Speech therapist Guna Slavinska
(Tested during work activities with autistic child)

‘I think it is easier to work and vary with the aid, if all cards are grouped in the way as it is shown in the picture below.’ That means that 36 cards would make 9 groups of pictures (9x4), where only location of the object/s is changed (the building/tower is the same, but location of the little people or trees is changed). The set can be grouped in fewer groups as well, for example, in 6 groups – 6 cards in each group.