Lotto 'Healty Food'

Lotto 'Healty Food'
Lotto 'Healty Food'

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LOTTO “Healthy food”
Composition: 3 task tables (dimensions – 21 × 30 cm, cardboard), 104 meal cards (dimensions – 5 × 5 cm).
Age of players: 3 – 8 years.
Number of players: 1 – 2.
Objective: to develop the practice of complete nutrition.
• on one of the 3 coloured task tables an example of how to sort the meal cards according to the pyramid of healthy foods is given. The player must select the meal cards and place them on the free squares on the other side of the task table. The colours of meal cards and the zones of the food pyramid match; 
• on 52 coloured meal cards different meals are drawn (meals from meat, dairy products, flour, groats, vegetable, fruit). The pictures are repeated 2 times – 104 cards in total;
• cards may be placed according to a pre-assigned task (my lunch, my ration of the day, what our family should eat for breakfast, favourite meals of the classmates, etc.). If several kids are playing, a discussion is possible and cards may be selected following different patterns: upturned, mixed, taken following a set order, exchanged with each other. Plot games may be created.

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