Smart box 'Meteo'

Smart box 'Meteo'
Smart box 'Meteo'
Smart box 'Meteo'

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Contents: 12 double-sided thick cards (8,5 × 8,5 cm) with images and photos on them, 9 embroidered cushion toys (colourful felt, loose filling, diameter of circle toy 8,5 cm).
Objective: to introduce children with meteorological phenomena; urge them to observe the nature - develop their observation skills; develop their language skills, while creating stories about nature; train children’s precise movements, while laying out the toys besides appropriate cards.
Possible activities:
Figure out what is shown on the cards, what do the cushion toys represent (the Moon and star on the dark blue background represent night; the Sun on the light blue background represents a clear day; a snowflake - snowing, a drop – little rain, a cloud – light cloud, not rain cloud; a cloud on the grey background – a cloud of big rain, a rain drop – heavy rain, wind – strong wind). Find pairs – card and cushion toy (they are related in the same image), name what is represented on them. Lay the toy on/besides card. The image that is crossed means that this phenomenon was not noticed while describing the nature phenomena.

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