Magnetic game 'Catch a Fish'

Magnetic game 'Catch a Fish'
Magnetic game 'Catch a Fish'
Magnetic game 'Catch a Fish'

Product Code: 006006
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Contents: 22 magnetic pieces of underwater animals (size of the biggest piece 81 x 50 mm, size of the smallest one – 22 x 19 mm), magnetic game board (250 x 490 mm), 2 plastic fishing-rods with thread and a magnet, instruction with pictures of the magnetic pieces and their names in 4 languages (EN, LT, LV, EE).
Description: Seabed of tropic sea is depicted on one side of the openable board, and European waters on it’s other side. Lay out the 22 magnetic underwater animals on the board and sort them of necessity (11 animals of tropical sea, and 11 of European waters). Catch the fishes with the attached fishing rods, clear up their names, and compete with each other. The numbers 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 100 beside the fishes indicate the available points. It is possible to get 600 points (300 points in each side of the board, if 11 animals are laid out on the one side of the board and 11 on the other side).
Age: 4+

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